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Article based on plenary report at the XXIV International Youth Scientific and Practical Conference "Human and Space", dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the State Space Agency of Ukraine (May 25-27, 2022). The 30-year history of the State Space Agency of Ukraine allows, despite all the troubles that were on the way of its formation and activity, to positively evaluate the integral and significant results of the agency's team and its significant contribution to the preservation of high-tech enterprises. In May 1993, the First Space Program of Ukraine was approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. It was necessary and timely for the development of the rocket and space industry the creation of the Institute of Space Research and the International Center for Space Law together with the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. After the formation of the rocket and space industry, a decision was made to grant NKAU the status of a specially authorized central division of the Government. Projects were implemented for the launch of the Sich-1 satellite, a joint Ukrainian-American scientific experiment on space biology, which was carried out in orbit by Leonid Kadeniuk, the first Ukrainian cosmonaut, unique international projects "Sea Launch", "Land Launch", "Dnipro", "EgyptSat". Access to the international market of space services was ensured. In July 2014, launch vehicle "Dnipro" launched 33 satellites at the same time on the order of 17 countries. For 30 years, 5 State scientific and technical Space Programs have been developed and implemented. Each of them was designed for five years. A modern, science-intensive high-tech rocket and space industry of Ukraine was formed, Agreements on cooperation in the space sphere were concluded with 28 countries, the National Center for Control and Testing of Space Technique, the Institute for Space Research (ICD) and the International Center for Space Law (ICPL), the National Center for Aerospace youth education were created; 29 space vehicles were launched, including "Sich-1" for the first time under the jurisdiction of Ukraine, new class "Sich-1M", "Sich-2", "Mikron", "EgyptSat-1", "Sich-2-1"; the space project "Dnipro" based on the RS-20 rocket was implemented; the domestic missile complex "Cyclone-4" was developed; 132 launchers of Ukrainian design were launched from 6 cosmodromes around the world, more than 380 satellites were launched into space, 29 of which were designed and manufactured by Ukraine.


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E.I. Kuznetsov, State Space Agency of Ukraine

Кузнєцов Едуард Іванович Україна Державне космічне агентство Голова громадської Ради ДК Заслужений працівник промисловості України Лауреат Державної премії України в галузі науки і техніки Ракетно-космічна галузь



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