• Y. Sheptun Oles Honchar Dnipro National University


Any actual movement of the stages of spacecraft carrier rockets is a disturbed movement. An important purpose of missile stage control systems is to ensure that the perturbed values ​​of the parameters of the motion of the stages approach the permissible values. Providing this requires energy (fuel from the rocket tanks). The quality of the missile control process is characterized by a significant number of indicators, including the amount of energy (fuel) spent on testing, within the limits of the necessary, perturbations of the motion parameters. Until now, the algorithms for determining the specified amount of energy in relation to the first and space stages of rockets practically do not differ. The advances in the development of technology, theory and practice of creating rocket and space systems, modern control systems using digital computers with elements of artificial intelligence, will make it possible to improve the models of rocket and space technology in the important direction of minimizing the overhead consumption of fuel from the rocket tanks. The proposed work presents the results of theoretical studies of the problems of automatic regulation of the values ​​of the parameters of the disturbed movement of the space stage of the launch vehicle by the control system with the implementation of the inventions "Method for controlling the stage of the launch vehicle", "Method for controlling the stage of the launch vehicle with asymmetry", protected by the corresponding patents of Ukraine. The positive effects due to the application of these innovations are substantiated. The above inventions are based on the results of the analysis of the peculiarities of the perturbed motion of the space stages of launch vehicles, taking into account the latest achievements of rocket and space science and technology: the space stages of launch vehicles move outside the dense layers of the atmosphere, the perturbations of the parameters of the movement of the stages are characterized as such that they are constantly updated and such that are repeatedly instantaneously formed during the flight time of the degree. Constantly updated perturbations are caused by the mass asymmetry of the degree, the value of which can now be automatically controlled by a modern digital drive; Instantly generated perturbations are caused by repeated programmed space maneuvers of the Cosmin rocket stages. These disturbances with the required quality are measured by modern measuring instruments, which opens up the possibility of optimal energy consumption for working out these disturbances. The paper substantiates the positive effects aimed at minimizing energy consumption from the use of the above-mentioned innovative ways of controlling the rocket stages. The given quantitative estimates of the indicated effects, determined with respect to the rocket, close in parameters to the carrier rocket of the light class "Cyclone-4" developed by the State Design Bureau "Yuzhnoye".

Author Biography

Y. Sheptun, Oles Honchar Dnipro National University

Україна. Дніпровський національний університет імені Олеся Гончара.

Професор кафедри механотроніки, доктор технічних наук.

Сфера інтересів - системи, процеси керування.


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Control systems, telecommunications, navigation and automation