• Yuri Dmitrievich Sheptun Oles Honchar Dnipro National University
  • Sergey Viktorovich Spirkin State Enterprise "Southern Machine-Building Plant" named after A.M. Makarova


The structural and dynamic features of the space (moving outside the dense layers of the atmosphere) stages of rockets - carriers of spacecraft as control objects are analyzed. The reasons are investigated - disturbing factors that generate external forces and moments that determine the disturbed motion of space rocket stages. For space rocket stages, disturbing factors are: mass asymmetry of the stage relative to its longitudinal axis and angle of mismatch of the line of action of the thrust vector of the propulsion system of the stage with the longitudinal axis of the stage. It is shown that when using the stage control deviating in the hinge of the marching engine as the executive organs of the control system, the effect of auto-reduction of the mentioned disturbing factors arises. The consequence of the autocompensation of disturbing factors is the reduction of disturbing forces and moments that violate the programmed motion of the step in the pitch and yaw planes. Mass asymmetry and the angle of mismatch of the line of action of the thrust vector of its engine and the longitudinal axis of magnitude are constant. Therefore, a decrease in perturbing forces and moments is accompanied by a decrease in the amount of energy (fuel) spent on processing (zeroing) perturbations of the parameters of the perturbed motion of the stage. It is shown that if the thrust of a space-stage engine is 8000 kgf, the engine operating time (flight time of the stage) is 500 sec, the specific engine thrust is 330 sec, the mass asymmetry is 0.05 m, the angle of mismatch is 0.25 degrees, then fuel economy can reach 200 kgf. The studies were performed using mathematical modeling methods.


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Sheptun, Y. D., & Spirkin, S. V. (2019). CONTROL WITH REDUCING OF DISTURBING FACTORS. Journal of Rocket-Space Technology, 27(4), 109-118.