• Aramis Viktorovich Tishchenko Oles Honchar Dnipro National University
  • Anatoly Mikhailovich Kulabukhov Oles Honchar Dnipro National University
  • Victor Alexandrovich Masalskiy Oles Honchar Dnipro National University


The article presents the synthesis of a functional diagram of an adaptive automatic control system (ACS) for controlling an aircraft with an automatically reconfigurable multidimensional PI controller, which provides the minimum static and minimum mean square error of control with minimal energy consumption for the formation of the control exposure. The synthesis of ACS algorithms is performed as a result of solving the problem of conditionally minimizing the quadratic functional of the generalized work (taking into account restrictions on state variables and control actions given by differential equations of the control object (CO) and inequalities). The mathematical description of the multidimensional CO is carried out using the CO model in the state space, which automatically takes into account the mutual influence of individual control loops on each other. As the state variables of the aircraft, linear displacements, speeds and accelerations of the center of mass of the aircraft, and angular displacements, speeds and accelerations of the rotational movement of the aircraft relative to the center of mass are used. The matrix equation of dynamics of the aircraft is formed by a system of nonlinear differential equations of the first order of forces and moments of forces acting on the aircraft. To ensure the minimum static control error, integrators are included in the ACS (for each control action). The algorithm for the formation of control actions of the extended CO, providing the declared properties of the ACS, is obtained as a result of solving the problem of conditional minimization of the generalized work functional. The task of conditional minimization of a functional with constraints is performed by the maximum principle. The resulting two-point boundary value problem is transformed by the invariant immersion method into a Cauchy problem for optimal values of state variables. The evaluation of the characteristics of a specific adaptive ACS for the spacecraft is expected to be obtained as a result of further research by mathematical modeling.


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Tishchenko, A. V., Kulabukhov, A. M., & Masalskiy , V. A. (2019). SYNTHESIS OF AN ADAPTIVE AUTOMATIC SYSTEM OF AIRCRAFT CONTROLS WITH MULTIDIMENSIONAL PI-REGULATOR. Journal of Rocket-Space Technology, 27(4), 79-85.

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